Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marry Me


So Monday morning I woke up around 11am after having some unpleasant dreams My love and I went upstairs to make food. Kraft Mac&Cheese was the choice and I began to boil a pot of water and get the ingredients out. after realizing that my man had already gotten up and taken a shower an hour before i woke up I took one and made it downstairs before the water even started to bubble. (I'm quick!) I finished making our food and about half way through my bowl the UPS truck pulls up. "Go down stairs." He told me. I did as i was asked and waiting down there confused and continuing to eat my cheesey noodles. After a time and lots of whispers from up in the kitchen he came down stairs. Taking my bowl aside and starting to kiss my I wondered 'what does he want?' i said "What?!" With a ridiculous grin on his lips he asked.

"Yes? That's me...."
"Jennifer, will you marry me?" he asked (with only a bit of dificulty opening the boxed ring.
And then with out delay I replied. We continued kissing until he got the box open with one hand. He stopped and grabbed my hand and placed Nenya (my ring) on my finger.

We kissed more, which was a bit difficult because our smiles were so big it was hard to keep behind our lips when they touched.

I love Michael with all my heart! The spontaneous after delicious Mac&Cheese Proposal, I love it!

As far as "The Date"... We don't really know yet, but next year during the summer or spring is a realistic idea. It would be nice to have it this year, but we want to be financially stable and be able to get a place of our own.

I love my life! I love all that it has given me. I love The boy to whom I am now engaged to. I Celebrate our past, enjoy the present and look forward to our future!


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