Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irish Day

On March 17th, a day we call "St. Patrick's Day", there is often lots of green and lots of drinking that occurs this day. But what few know is why St. Patrick is given a day to himself. St. Patrick was known for his ridding Ireland of the 'Snakes', those of the Old Way. Where a representation of a snake in honour of the Old Way. To me this is a day of sadness and joy as well. We honour the 'Snakes' and can still celebrate the history of the Irish culture. Being part Irish I am often tied between what to do on this day. But I drink and celebrate to the Old Ones on this day, I celebrate Irish Day!


  1. St. Patrick's day always makes me a little sad-- it's not worth celebrating for the traditional reasons, in my opinion.

  2. I still like being part of the events. A day to come together and all. But yes, it can be a little sad.