Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring is coming! I"m very excited about this. Spring is the season of rebirth. Like every new moon, the energy of refreshment is in the air. Change approaches and new life begins, old life renews. I recently found an article that I had very strong connections to.

"You will probably find that magick doesn't turn out to be at all like
 you are thinking. Everything in our world including us, is made up of billions and
 billions of tiny atoms...there are many atoms together that are less than stable, the
 outermost orbital electrons aren’t certain as to which atoms
 they belong to. They then may migrate from one atom, to the next,
 and the next and so on. However, as one electron migrates from
 an atom, that atom takes on a free electron from yet another atom.
 This chain goes on in an endless manner, and serves to
demonstrate the idea of balance in nature...
Now that we can see how electrons can move from one atom to
another, and we know that all objects in nature are made up of
 these atoms, then we also know that there is a constant exchange
 of energy. Free electrons are shared among all things,  including
 you and me, with no exceptions and because all matter is
comprised of electrons, we can say that all elements in nature are
 interconnected. They all co-exist, being linked to each other.
The Earth is alive and teeming with an abundance of never ending
 energy, which we all share, exchange back and forth, and are
 an integral part of. This "Life Force" or energy source is in you and
 it is in me. It is in rocks and trees, deserts and streams, plants and
animals, from amoeba to humans and all things in between.
 Everything on earth is made up of the same things: Atoms. "The
entire earth is a living, breathing organism. And energy is nothing
more than electrons in motion that exist as a part of this organism."
You can measure energy. This includes any electricity that you put
 out...like brainwaves (thoughts) and heart rhythms (emotions). And
 you can change the essence of things by sending out a different
 exchange of energy in a repetitive pattern.
The working of magick is much like tapping into electricity. The
"electrical current" is the universal energy or Life Force. It can be
 directed in numerous ways..."

Read more at: < http://www.angelfire.com/de2/newconcepts/wicca/intro.html >

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