Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Lets have a girl moment. Some things that sparkle and glisten in the light. Some shine, and beauty accompanied by precious material from loving Mama Gaia. Being a woman I would just like to say that I LOVE beautiful jewels. In good taste mind you.
So recently I found my wedding ring!!! Finally! I had so many ideas of what I wanted, and I think this one fulfills all my requests. The poor girls working that day who had to listen to all my noes. But here is the end result.

Yup. Here it is. My ring. only the solitaire in the middle will be a Semi-Tiffany set with a 1/2 cart. Sapphire in the middle. Yes, you are allowed to drool! I'm So! excited to get it! Even if I do get it before June next year, I can't wear it... So I shall try my best to wait patiently. 

My really bad attempt to make it look more like what I'm getting. But it is a start :D

And do you know what a beautiful ring needs? That's right, an amazing necklace. Which can be foun at Swarovski

This Will be mine. I will have it. It looks stunning on me and makes me smile. A lot. Like if I was ever sad, all I would have to do is put on this amazing necklace and look in the mirror!!! But until that most joyous day... I shall dream of it. And remember the wonderful day at the mall when one of the store sales people asked if he could put it on me. And what a wonder idea that was. we both just awed at it. Sales person. THANK YOU!!! You made my day that day, and now I must get that amazing and gorgeous necklace!
Alright. I'm done raving about the code named "Necklace Gorgeous!!!". 
Alright. So my very soon sister-in-law-to-be found out that her baby will be a girl! yay! That means I will have a niece to spoil! I'll be helping with painting the room. The plan so far is to paint the room a medium-light  pink/peach/salmon colour and have a cherry blossoms tree painted in the corner where the bed will be. And one of the walls will be a black. That will add a nice touch I think. So I've gotta make up some sketches for that tomorrow.
Michael and I may have finally found an officiant for our wedding! We have an appointment with her at a book store cafe Sunday. I have also decided on a wedding dress! 

Enough for now! Later!

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