Saturday, April 21, 2012


Familiar Blessing
Spell Date:  Saturday, April 21, 2012
Color of the day:  GrayIncense of the day:  Sage
In ancient Rome, April 21st was Parilia Day, in honor of Pales, a pastoral deity. Traditionally, on this day animals were driven through purifying fires. Later, it became a day for Christians to take animals to church for the Catholic Blessing of the Animals. Today, give thanks for the animals in your life, and most especially for those that act as your magical familiars. Stand or sit in front of your altar with your animal, or put a picture of the "darlin' beastie" on your altar if he or she won't sit still. Light a brown candle (or one in the shape of your animal) and say: 

I give thanks for the blessing of this animal companion, friend, & familiar
May the gods bless (him/her) in return
And keep (him/her) safe from all harm
So mote it be

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