Saturday, April 28, 2012


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So here is the thing, I used to be like most everyone else. I would look at vegitarians and vegans and think to myself, that's good for them, but I could NEVER do that, I love meat and cheese so much! But look at me now, Vegan for 2 weeks and going strong! I'm actually real excited about the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Meat and Dairy, but I have chosen to go a different way. With-in 2 weeks, not working out, I've lost 15lbs by eating vegan.

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The Vegan Stoner has many cheap, easy, and fast vegan foods listed in cute and artful ways. Today I had the "Mac and Peas" for lunch, so good. 

This is a very good scientific film that started the whole thing! It can be found on Netflix, Hulu, and can be ordered on their site.

So check it out. Really. Do it. Now. Go. Check it out. See for yourself. 

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